Malaga 3 Propane Water Heater

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This high capacity water storage heater has an efficient gas burner that provides a quick and efficient supply of hot water for showering and washing in your camper.

Micro-processor Controller Electronics
The Malaga 3 water heater is equipped with the latest Propex electronics for accurate digital control of the heater operation and safety functions. The red L.E.D. on the switch panel lets you know when the gas burner is operating and also, by flashing a certain amount of times, will indicate any fault condition.

Typical installation
Technical Data                   

H 250mm - 9 7/8"
W 325mm - 12 3/4"
D 445mm - 17 1/2"

Weight 20.5lbs

Tank Capacity 3.5 gal

Water Temperature Thermostat Setting 160°F

Overheat Thermostat Setting 195 °F
Water Supply
The heater will operate satisfactorily on either a system where the pump is controlled by the tap microswitches or the one controlled by a pressure switch. It must not be connect to mains water supply. Water connections can be provided to suit a range of standard fittings. Reinforced or semi rigid pipe must be used.
Pressure Relief Valve Settings 43.5 psi
Maximum Working Pressure 29 psi
Maximum Working Supply Pressure 19 psi

Gas Supply

Heat Input 1.15kw 84g/h
Pressure Settings:
Propane 37mbar
Butane 28mbar
Mixtures 30mbar
Injector Bray 960/40

Electrical Supply 12v DC

Gas Connection
5/16" or 8mm O.D.